Under Community College Diploma Courses Examination will be held on 11-12 January 2015.

Student Details for TDC 1st Year, 2016

Student Details for Diploma Courses Examination 2015

Gauhati University
IIT Guwahati
Assam Engg. College

Department Of Education

Md. Rafijul Hussain. M.A, B.Ed., SLET

Assistant Professor & HOD
Date of Joining : 26-10-1998
Contact No : 9864334326
E-mail :rafijulhussainukcollege@gmail.com

Kandarpa Nath. M.A., SLET

Assistant Professor
Date of Joining : 16-12-2000
Contact No : 9864334326
E-mail : kandarpanath6@gmail.com

Mukul Lahkar. M.A.

Assistant Professor
Date of Joining : 18-09-2001
Contact No :
E-mail :

pranita Haloi. M.A., M.Phil.

Assistant Professor
Date of Joining :
Contact No :
E-mail :



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