Under Community College Diploma Courses Examination will be held on 11-12 January 2015.

Student Details for TDC 1st Year, 2016

Student Details for Diploma Courses Examination 2015

Gauhati University
IIT Guwahati
Assam Engg. College


Courses of Study

A. Subjects Offered for TDC (Semester) Arts
Compulsory Subjects: 1. English (1st/2nd/3rd/4th Sem).
2. M.I.L. (Assamese).
3. Environmental Studies (3rd/4th Sem).
Major Subjects: 1. Assamese.
2. English.
3. Economics.
4. Education.
5. Philosophy.
6. History.
7. Political Science.
8. Arabic.

N.B.:- Students offering Major in any one of the above Subjects will have to take one of the following subsidiary subjects.

Subsidiary Subjects: 1. Economics.
2. Education.
3. Elective Assamese.
4. Political Science.
5. History.
6. Philosophy.
7. Arabic.
8. Sanskrit.
9. Computer Application.
10. Alternative English.
Vocational Subjects: 1. Mass Communication.
2. Computer Application.

B.Combinations of Major & Subsidiary Subjects for TDC (Semester)
Stream Major Subjects Subsidiary Subjects
Arts Assamese Economics/Political Science/History/Philosophy/Education/Arabic/Asl/sanskrit/CA
English Economics/Political Science/History/Philosophy/Education/Arabic/Asl/sanskrit/CA
Economics Political Science/History/Philosophy/Education/Arabic/Asl/sanskrit/CA
Political Science Economics/History/Philosophy/Education/Arabic/Asl/sanskrit/CA
Philosophy Economics/Political Science/History/Education/Arabic/Asl/sanskrit/CA
History Economics/Political Science/Philosophy/Education/Arabic/Asl/sanskrit/CA
Education Economics/Political Science/History/Philosophy/Arabic/Asl/sanskrit/CA
Arabic Political Science/History/Philosophy/Education/Asl/sanskrit/CA
Sanskrit Economics/Political Science/History/Philosophy/Education/Arabic/Asl/CA

C. 6 (Six) Months Diploma Course under UGC Scheme
1. Diploma In Food Processing.
2. Diploma in Fashion Designing
Seat Limited : Selected Candidates will get Scholarship. (Admission Fees Rs. 6000/-)

Admission in IDOL
Those Students who are willing to take admission in IDOL, they must consult with the co-ordinator.
Following programmes are offered under IDOL.
Two Years M.A. 1. Assamese.
2. English.
3. Education.
4. Political Science.
5. History.
6. Economics.
7. Philosophy.

Diploma Course
UGC Sponsored Diploma Course
  • Fashion Designing
  • Food Processing
Admision process of the 1st batch of the above mentioned courses is over. The class will commences from 4th July 2014.


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