Under Community College Diploma Courses Examination will be held on 11-12 January 2015.

Student Details for TDC 1st Year, 2016

Student Details for Diploma Courses Examination 2015

Gauhati University
IIT Guwahati
Assam Engg. College
To plan for action to achieve the predetermined objectives and to develop the college as an institution of providing quality education to the rural people considering the need of the present era also have a plan to upgrade the institution to the status of a fulfilled post-graduate college.
Initial Mission of the college was to spread higher education in greater Jagara area. Since 1983 the institution has been trying its level best to fulfill it. Now, in the present globalized era the institution has planned to create competent and responsible citizen by providing career oriented quality education. To upgrade the professional skills of the students the college has newly introduced some vocational courses. It is also offering post-graduation through open education system.



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